Boudoir FAQ

How far in advance should I book my session?

  • We recommend booking your appointment at least three weeks in advance but we are happy to accept appointments within a week.  Feel free to call us at 512-508-8808 or email at

Do your packages include hair and makeup?

  • You can come with your hair and makeup done already or we can can provide the names and numbers of both salons and professional makeup artists.  Ask us for details and we will be sure you find the right solution for you.

I’m not a model! Can you help me pose?

  • We will guide you the whole way. We do recommend looking at other poses you like and trying a few out in front of a mirror before hand.

Do you provide wardrobe?

  • We do not provide wardrobe but we have an assortment of props for you to choose from with if you want. We are also more than happy to help you pick out clothing/lingerie for your shoot.  We will spend the first 15 minutes or so helping you select wardrobe (feel free to bring a whole suitcase of choices!) and familiarizing you with the process.  Typically most clients end up with three or four different wardrobe looks during the shoot.

Will my photographer a male or female?

  • The lead photographer at Red Rogue studio is a male (Julian Humphries) with decades of photography experience.  We frequently include a female assistant or makeup artist at the shoot and that is always an option for any of our photo shoots.  We want you to be completely comfortable and will work to make that happen.

Can I bring a friend?

  • We do welcome you bringing a friend (female only please!) along if it will help put you at ease but remember that sometimes having another set of eyes around will make you self conscious.

Do you edit every picture?

  • Yes! We always make you look your best with lighting and poses but from there we will fix any blemishes or imperfections you want hidden.

How many pictures will I get to choose from?

  • We usually take about 250 photos for every hour of shooting. We will then narrow them down to the very best, retouch those to perfection and let you choose from there.

When can I see and order my photos?

  • You will get a completely private, online gallery with at least the best retouched images for you to pick from. Online galleries are usually ready for viewing within 5 days.   You can order everything from prints to hard-cover books to canvases.

Here are a few ideas of what you might want to bring.  Feel free to be creative and bring any props you might  want also. You should wear whatever makes you feel beautiful.  We have also included some tips on what to bring in a recent blog article.

  • Bra & panty sets
  • Boy shorts
  • Pretty blouses
  • Dresses
  • Stockings 
  • Jewelry
  • Corsets
  • High heels
  • Men’s shirts (we prefer grays, greens  and blues over white if possible)
  • Body suits
  • Leather or fur vests and jackets
  • Bridal accessories 

The Fine Print

  • All prices are plus Texas sales tax.
  • We understand everybody has emergencies, but if you have to reschedule more than once, there is a $50 rescheduling fee.